A brief glimpse…

A brief glimpse…

In yoga this morning, a brief space opened up between thoughts. It felt like a sweet droplet of ambrosia on the tongue of a thirsty man. This has been a busy year and as it draws to an end, clients are crawling onto the couch ‘thin’, exhausted and overwhelmed. The specter of family, or lack thereof often haunts thinking at this time of year, the mind begins to automatically audit and take stock of our individual journey’s. As I was on my mat this morning, holding one excruciating pose after another, before the gap opened, I was thinking about the long list of duties and responsibilities I have managed to accumulate this year. Slowly a realization dawned about the parallels between what was happening on my mat and in my life. My mind (dressed as a nagging aunt, curlers, fag hanging out of her mouth) had begun to complain, to feel sorry for itself, ” I’ve got to do this…and that…blah blah”, on and on it droned until another trusted part emerged on the scene, strong, patient, calm, it said “Jamie…stop being such a pussy- stop moaning and focus on this pose, in this moment, find the balance between your exertion and letting go of the drama it brings up in your mind, find the beautiful fulcrum, the still point where your chattering mind can soften, beneath the furious motion of mind, into the depths beneath”… And for a brief moment… I glimpsed that space, I felt it enter and soothe the bones of my heart and mind.
It is rare, something akin to seeing a beautifully, elusive, rare bird.
If I could give you all something for this festive season, it would be an encounter with that species of inner quiet. So amidst all the tumult that we generate, sit quietly somewhere and seek it out. It’s your ally in all this madness we call life.

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