The Road Home

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The Road Home

I shave on Fridays. I do it with great anticipation. Fridays are the days I get to see my daughters. I shave so that when I kiss them they won’t get scratched, that when they cuddle up to me in front of a movie there is nothing that could disturb our proximity. Today, as I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my grey, exhausted pallor, I realized that this would be the last time I performed this ritual for the next month.

For now is the time to release that which has patiently paced, tightly wound deep inside of me. I can feel him straining against the conventions that bind.

He has the scent of The Great Depth.

With self discovery must come separation from the known, from that which I love most.
I cannot remain safe and grow.
Nor will I be able to teach my children to reach beyond themselves if I cannot do it myself.

I leave you with something called Tikkun Olam, a spiritual compass that I seek to reconnect with, a code I hope to impart to my children through my own lived practise.

To banish darkness with love
To bring healing to humankind
To battle ignorance by imparting wisdom
To overcome hatred by imparting love
To awaken the divine spark, even in the darkest of souls
To dissolve anger with kindness

With much love and courage,

About the author

Jamie Elkon

The author can be found rummaging through life looking for nourishment in the early hours of the morning. He is slowly going sane by using his actual life and relationships to wake up.He lives in Cape Town with his teenaged daughter, two bassett hounds named Thelma and Louise and Digit... the cat. He hugs trees, has experienced numerous dark nights of the soul, collects incorrect Chinese packaging and tracks curious things to their lair.