“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird, but how could it learn to fly by remaining an egg?” C.S. Lewis

Change is a natural part of life.
Most of us are continually making small adjustments that reflect our changing needs or interests such as pursuing a new friendship, learning how to put different ingredients together or finding a more efficient way to do a task at work.
How we react to a change may depend on the result we think it may bring. We may feel excited about a new change that involves a gain, like a promotion, or the birth of a baby, but we often worry and stress about change that involves loss, such as a divorce or retrenchment.
We love changes when we are the ones making a decision, but we don’t particularly like changes imposed on us by outside sources, we often view them as challenging, but the familiar can become a false sense of security, even if it is a behaviour or bad habit that doesn’t serve us.
Fear prevents us from moving forward, the “what if?” questions arise, “what if its the wrong decision?”, “what if I’m not successful?” , “what if it doesn’t work out?”, ” what if they don’t accept me?” When your current reality is continuously generating signals of discomfort, listen to that information and use it to make positive changes.
We can actually begin to look forward to change when we trust that the Universe is presenting us with opportunities for our highest good, when we are able to understand change in this way, we can find something positive in it.
Looking back at our lives we can see that most changes were not only for the best, but moved us into the next level of our evolutionary process.
It is a skill to embrace both the familiar and those parts of our experience that are constantly changing.
Life is ever changing and no two moments are the same, our bodies are different from one moment to the next, so why are so many of us obsessed with trying to keep things the same?
French philosopher Henri Bergson wrote, “to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly “.
Change can reveal new opportunities and core strengths we didn’t even know existed, new experiences can bring us knowledge and greater problem solving strategies that allow us to hone our skills. Change can supply us with inspired moments of creative energy. Change can help us focus on priorities and give us new perspectives of ourselves and others. It can make us more empathetic, understanding and loving. Once we accept change as the natural order of things, we can learn to be more receptive to this ever present visitor in its multicoloured, ever shifting forms.
Bring it on!