The way of f**k it

The way of f**k it

The idea of saying F**k it comes from a radical realisation.

That we are all one and therefore do not exist as individuals
That the world as we know it, reality as we perceive it, is just an illusion
And that everything in this illusion is simply arising of oneness- all therefore divine.
All beautiful, nothing good or bad, nothing better or worse
No going anywhere, no point, no meaning
Just oneness, unicity, playing with itself
The eternally masturbating God if you will
This is very difficult to get. In fact it’s probably impossible.
But it’s probably true…all the great religions and philosophies point to this truth
All mystics, meditators, seers and visionaries
See the same thing, the One Thing

So don’t bother “getting it”.
Say F**k it for now.
But at least its been said
And one day, it may well be seen.

Parkin and Pollini.

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