A letter to my younger self.

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A letter to my younger self.

Dear Jamie.
What a ride hey?!
Please know how special you are to me. Recently I have been too busy to check in with you to see what you really need going forward, I’m sorry. It seems that you’re still trying to make everyone around you happy and that you’re not taking enough care of yourself. If I can give you a bit of guidance my precious one… Please, look after yourself, do less, remember that what you need is important too! Dont forget to play, just for the sake of it. Try not to take yourself too seriously, no matter how much life may hurt. Remember to feed your wonder for the small things and to take time to explore the world around you. Things will change, if nothing else, you can count on that. Magic is real no matter what they tell you. Never hide your light. Gratitude is important because without that you will feel despair and it may overwhelm you.Protect your heart by nourishing what matters to you. Do nothing sometimes, because sometimes, there is nothing you can do. Know the difference between your truth and what others tell you to believe. Beware internalising the invalidation of others. Let go of critical and judgemental thoughts when they arise. Try and learn to accept some things as they are. Allow yourself to be exactly who you are. Set aside time for yourself. Cultivate healthy connected friendships. Nurture your compassion for others. Stay open and courageous because without your capacity to love in the face of adversity you will become small and tight. Remember your ability to survive because it will sustain you through dark times. Believe in people’s ability to evolve, especially your own. Know that pain is a great teacher and it will lead you to deeper truths. Meditate. Walk in the mountains, make eye contact with strangers,dance with wild abandon, be creative, eat food that makes you happy without worrying, risk being vulnerable with those that matter and remember to connect to joy whenever possible…because life is short.
And know that no matter what may happen, you are loved.

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