So much going on in my head.
Souls bringing me nuggets which I cannot but marvel at.
A moveable feast.
The following is a thin, ragged cross-section of today’s thoughts…

Does regret have a purpose? Or is it just an excuse not to get involved in the present?

Could fantasy be therapeutic? For example, would imaginatively crafting a best case scenario between you and an interminably frustrating other in your mind not go some way to alleviating an irreparable situation, or is acceptance of what is the only way to find peace?

Why do some women fantasize about (and I know how controversial this is in a country plagued by gender based violence) sex where they abdicate any volition or control? Is it perhaps that they want to surrender the control that they have to maintain in so many other areas of life? What about Fifty Shades struck such a collective cord for millions of women?

Why are so many men emasculated in the bedroom? How many constantly check in whether their partners are satisfied in order to feel validated? Where is the wild, primal essence between men and women? Beyond the thin veneer of ego and orgasm driven intercourse?
It appears that even in the bedroom, so many of us have to make anxiety driven decisions to keep our partners happy without tapping into our own primal wild selves…How exhausting!

Is anyone out there doing an audit of this year? Month by month?

If this year were a growth ring in my tree stump, it would dwarf everything that came before it. If its possible to be devastated. humbled, exhausted, inspired and finally hopeful all within a year, this would be that year.

I encourage you to pause a moment…Reflect, take stock.
How are you doing?
Where are you stuck?
Where have you grown?

What needs to happen now?

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