The cloud appreciation society.

Bugger…was the word I woke up with at 3am, a rather odd word to wake up with, rather like waking up next to a stranger and wondering what they’re doing in your bed. This sense of dislocation lingers as I sit with you and my warm cup of tea, as if part of me is still dreaming. I wonder who else is awake at this time? Criminals, miscreants, perverts, lovers, coke heads, the broken hearted, the lonely, the jet lagged, emergency room staff, someone sitting holding the hand of a loved one as they slip away, a newborn’s first breath. So many stories being told all the time, even at this time.

As I watch my mind move it seems that I am rediscovering a sense of being marveled by the world, like a young curious boy. It may be linked to my growing practice of the art of not taking it all too seriously and letting things go. Perhaps I then have more space inside of me to wonder at the sheer infinite number of curiosities in this world. I am watching myself shed my absolutes, my certainties, my fear. I’m exploring the space between black and white and its certainly not grey.

Today I’m going to find a beautiful place with lots of trees where I can lie down on soft grass and watch clouds pass overhead. How are you going to spend your precious self today?

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