Mind Your Head- workshop

Mind Your Head- workshop

Mind Your Head is a 2 hour mindfulness based workshop on Saturday the 27th of June, from 3-5pm.
The workshop is a gentle introduction to mindfulness approaches that can be used in the management and treatment of mild anxiety and depression.
Mind Your Head is donation based, all proceeds will go the Homestead home for young boys at risk.

Please RSVP directly to Jamie Elkon on 0825500750.
The address is The Shala Yoga Studio, 15 Wandel Street, Gardens. Cape Town.

Jamie Elkon is a registered clinical psychologist, yoga and MIndfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.
(No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary to attend)

Jamie Elkon
Clinical Psychologist

About the author

Jamie Elkon http://shrinkrap.co.za/

The author can be found rummaging through life looking for nourishment in the early hours of the morning. He is slowly going sane by using his actual life and relationships to wake up.He lives in Cape Town with his teenaged daughter, two bassett hounds named Thelma and Louise and Digit... the cat. He hugs trees, has experienced numerous dark nights of the soul, collects incorrect Chinese packaging and tracks curious things to their lair.