The Covid Haze is a fine dust that settles over everything, it hangs like smog in our collective psyche, draining our energy, scrambling our thoughts and fucking with our identities.
Even the die hard 21 day abundance challenge, ab crunching, papier mache wizards are starting to flag.
Once our busyness faded, shit started getting real.
Our deeper complexes have begun to move like leviathans in broad daylight; dorsal finned, no longer satisfied with their subterranean lairs. Our daddy issues, split ends, faded roots and sagging jowls are exposed, dangling, jangling, bone white, for all to see…
Couples are scratching and scrumming, our courageous kids are starting to slur and crackle from their screen time, addicts are white knuckling because even the ‘oke’ is running outta blow…and I’ve never seen so many people fucking baking…ever.
By this stage, if you haven’t ripped your beloveds face off, or aren’t self harming in new and creative ways, you’re doing pretty well.
Personally? I secretly struggle some days…and it’s just getting started.
So, what to do besides drinking the kool aid of the spotless sunshine of the eternal optimists, or the almond milk arsenic of the 5G conspiracy theorists?
Tough choice.
All I know is there are depressed, overwhelmed, hungry people everywhere and choosing a side, a political party or an opinion feels pretty bloody redundant right now. Rather choose a legitimate, vetted cause, get stuck in at community level and be of service.
Please let me know if I can help you in any way.
Suggest psychological topics you’d like input on (managing negative thoughts, relationship hacks etc) and I’ll cobble something together.
Love and courage❤️